Church Planting

“Churches that give away blessings are more likely to be blessed. They are focused on others rather than on themselves, open to outsiders, inclusive rather than exclusive, outreaching rather than self-fortifying, an army of life savers rather than a club of those already saved.”

Leith Anderson, Pastor

Our Philosophy

The decision to start a family is never an easy one. One must be financially and mentally prepared. One must pick the right partner. The same applies to starting or planting a church. Here at Northshore, we believe strongly in church multiplication and consider it to be one of our great passions. We believe it’s about obedience to the great commission and the great commandment. Being a product of a church plant by Ballard Baptist Church back in 1969, we have an interesting perspective. Church planting projects are not always easy or successful; however, they are always a growing experience.

Daughters and Granddaughters

Beginning in the 1990s we heard the Lord’s call to begin thinking of church planting as a ministry of our local church. We prayed and set aside 15% of our total mission budget for church multiplication. A fever of generosity began to throb within the church and we’ve been planting churches ever since. It’s God’s greatest method for expanding His Kingdom. Healthy new churches just naturally bring new people to Christ. Take a look at the various church plants that started from Northshore Community Church and its daughter churches.

Northshore Church Network

Northshore is affiliated with Converge Worldwide, Converge NW and the North Sound Network of churches.

Adventure Community Church, Duvall

Adventure Church Everett

Cascade Community Church, Monroe

Cascade Family Church of the Special Offenders Unit / Twin Rivers Unit, Monroe

Crosswater Community Church, Sultan

Everett Family Church, Everett

Impact Church, Redmond, OR

Imprint Church, Woodinville

North Sound Church, Edmonds

Northview Community Church, Bothell

Turning Point Church, Olympia

Wits End Church, Seattle